Muay Thai

Muay Thai Classes

Muay-Thai, or Thai-Boxing has been thrust into the forefront of Mixed Martial Arts of late as many top competitors are using the style with great success in conjunction with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Those students who want to mix it up and learn one of the most effective stand-up fighting systems on earth can do so right here.

Muay Thai classes at Fenix BJJ Team benefits go beyond the traditional mind-body-spirit benefits for you because Muay Thai, as a great Martial Art, also has the power to provide social value.

Muay Thai is a self-defense that is full of tactics, tricks, and techniques. Training in Muay Thai means learning all the tactics to defeat the opponent and the ways to counter your opponent’s maneuvers.

Come to learn Muay Thai at Fenix BJJ Team.

As always, Fenix BJJ Team invites men and women of all levels to join our team. We encourage you to find a location convenient to you and check it out!

Fenix BJJ Team’s programs does NOT encourage violence or physical force. It enforces patience, discipline and respect.