Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning Classes

Join our class anytime for a $20/drop in rate. No membership or other obligations.

Don’t Let Our Name Fool You, these classes are not for Fighters Only!

Conditioning Class at Fenix BJJ Team is for anyone looking to propel their fitness to the next level!

This class was developed by FBJJ Owner Ronaldo Campos as a way to incorporate his experience as a MMA fighter into a system that works for men and women to get into their best physical shape.

Using techniques learned through years of Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling, Boxing, Judo and Muay Thai, the Conditioning Class combines a variety of strength and conditioning exercises.

This class is dynamic, fast paced, different, fun…and EFFECTIVE. It will improve your speed, balance, and coordination.

You will burn fat and build muscle. This is a great class not only for athletes but anyone looking to improve their physical conditioning.

The one-hour long class is in constant motion. You will use several combinations of moves – ground movement, strength exercises (using your own body weight as well as free weights and medicine balls), and dynamic stretching.

Because of Ronaldo’s extensive knowledge of the sport, there are hundreds of movements and no two classes are the same.

Push yourself using techniques that may or may not be familiar. Enjoy the benefits of small group training with FBJJ Conditioning.

*Conditioning Class is open to non-FBJJ members.  Join our class anytime for a $20/drop in rate. No membership or other obligations*

Fenix BJJ Team’s programs does NOT encourage violence or physical force. It enforces patience, discipline and respect.