2019 Boston Open

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Recently Fenix had many athletes compete in the IBJJF Boston Summer Open.  This jiu jitsu tournament is truly a special event. It represents not only an opportunity to test your jiu jitsu skills, but also an opportunity for Fenix athletes to come together and help one another.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is an individual sport, but when you step onto the mat to compete you are never truly alone. You have the support of your jiu jitsu coaches, jiu jitsu teammates, and carry with you the countless hours of jiu jitsu training that have led to this moment.

The day had many highlights including a performances from Fenix Coaches, Professor Ron Campos and Professor Eduardo Nascimento. Each of them scored high level jiu jitsu submissions (tap outs) on their way to victory, and demonstrated the excellence we offer in our jiu jitsu classes.

Fenix had athletes of every jiu jitsu belt level compete. From Brazilian Jiu Jitsu white belts to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belts.  Win or lose, the most important things you gain from jiu jitsu tournaments are knowledge and experience. Never quit, keep moving forward and give your very best each each time you show up to class, this is the only secret to getting good at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. See you on the mats.

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