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Jessica Sprangers
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My daughter started last year when she was 7 and it is amazing to see how much she has gained in strength, confidence and skill since then. Coach Ron and his team are fantastic and foster the perfect blend of discipline and fun. It is so great to watch the higher skilled students being patient and working the newer students to make sure they can master a certain skill. When anyone advances the whole class is truly is happy and excited for their achievement as they know how much work goes into it. We are so fortunate to be part of the Fenix family.

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Trained at a few gyms in the area, Fenix has been the best. Great place!

Justin Torname
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Fenix Tewksbury is home to some of the most genuine people you will find anywhere. I couldn’t ask for a better place to start jiu jitsu and a better group of people to train with.

Michael Tranquillo
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I have been training with Fenix BJJ Tewksbury for about two years now, and I can say, without a doubt that it is a wonderful gym to be a part of. With great learning experiences, and amazing coaches.
Definitely would recommend to anyone searching for a great place to practice a martial art!

Diego Alvarado
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I have been training at Fenix BJJ for almost 2 years now and lost almost 50 pounds since I joined. This school has made training and getting into shape one of the most fun experiences ever due to the quality of coaches, training partners and facility. The coaches and experienced students are always happy to give detailed advice on how to improve.

I am very proud of being part of the Fenix family and could not ask for a better school to start my BJJ journey. OSS!

Maria Easton
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I was hesitant to jump into BJJ, but Fenix was the best place I could have started. Everyone here is extremely respectful and I highly recommend this gym. Super welcoming environment for women, men, and people of all ages.
I have learned something from everyone (whether I’m rolling with them or even if I’m just observing others). My time here keeps me physically & mentally fit.

Kimberly Papa
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I can’t say enough about the coaches at Fenix BBJ Tewksbury. They are all AMAZING!!! My son started in January and has loved every minute that he has gone. At the beginning we were only attending once a week and now we are attending both classes each week. He has made a bunch of new friends and has become more confident. They make everyone feel like family when your there. I HIGHLY recommend Fenix BBJ Tewksbury for your child or even for yourself

Chris Bartholomew
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Here I get the sense of community just like I do in the military. Very healthy and encouraging culture. Coaches are humble and highly skilled. I’ve been only training for 2 months and I have improved a lot than I thought I would in such a short period of time. Absolutely loving Jiu Jitsu. Recommended to anyone who want to learn self-defense and stay physically active. Phenomenal school!

Daniel Wahlgren
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I have been training here a little over a year and I have already learned so much from our passionate and talented coaches, and of course our Professor Ronaldo Campos. It really is a brotherhood/ sisterhood as shown through the team barbecues and other get together events.

I plan to train here for years to come and I highly recommend those interested in coming, to take a free intro class!

Joe Ginsburg
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Great environment, people, and training. Highly recommend checking the gym out if you're interested in any kind of mixed martial arts, grappling, or self-defense training.

Daniel Main
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I have been a member of this gym and the Fenix family for almost 3 years and when I say they have made me feel like a part of their family, I mean it. Every coach is extremely knowledgeable and supportive to whatever jiu jitsu journey you’re looking to take. They are law enforcement friendly and are supportive of programs within the community. Couldn’t be happier with Fenix and will be a part of their family for life. Oss!

Joe Connors
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I started training 6 months ago and the coaches have been fantastic. They encourage, motivate and bring a tremendous amount of experience to every class. Fellow students are welcoming and supportive making it a great environment to train.

Eric Antunez
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I began my Brazilian jujitsu journey June 2021 and I’m glad I did. I was a little lost and full of anger. I was out of shape for the most part. Never felt I was apart of anything important until I found Fenix BJJ. Now I have good ways to control my anger and I’m no longer lost! I started at 288lbs and now sitting around 255-260lbs. Fenix BJJ is not only a great way to get in shape but more importantly it helps with mental health! Without my family and Fenix Brazilian jujitsu I wouldn’t be here. Thank you Fenix Tewksbury and Woburn! Oss!

Susana Hernandez-Ventura
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My son and I have been going to this facility for 5months now and we absolutely love it. The staff is great, the kids love learning the art of jiujitsu. Highly recommend ( Alencar Ventura-Junior)

Daniel Moran
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Best school To train ,I came from other school and they received me like one of their own since first day…

John Robinson
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Great gym! The coaches are awesome! They will go out of there way to make you better on and off the mat! Highly recommend joining!!

Amy Bower
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Stopped in to train while traveling in the area. Everyone was very welcoming and polite. The No-gi class was very well taught and rolls were fantastic. Stop in and try them out! Thanks Colleen!

Chris Nunez
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Great place with a great group of people. Great atmosphere for learning.

Lisa Murphy
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Nothing but positives! Since starting out at Fenix a couple years ago we watched my daughter grow mentally and physically. They motivated her and boosted her confidence immensely! The staff and coaches are amazing at what they do! They provide such great role models for the students! We are proud to be apart to the Fenix family!

Justin B
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Great team environment and culture. Coaches are very welcoming, attentive and open to everyone joining.

Matthew Peltier
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I've been train at the Tewksbury location for nearly 5 month now and I love it! The coaches are great, as are all of my teammates; there is a real sense of community at Fenix. If you're looking for a place to train, or considering trying out BJJ, Fenix is a great place, I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do.

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